Winfield Chen

Junior Mathematician-Statistician at Statistics Canada, International Cooperation and Methodology Innovation Centre / Modern Statistical Methods and Data Science Branch / Strategic Data Management, Methods and Analysis Field.

MSc Statistics, Fall 2020 – ongoing at the Elliott Lab

BSc Computing Science with Distinction, Fall 2017 – Spring 2020

Simon Fraser University

wca88 ( at ) sfu ( dot ) ca



“An expanded set of genome-wide association studies of brain imaging phenotypes in the UK Biobank” was just published in Nature Neuroscience!

I participated in UMassCTF 2021 and you can read my writeup on one of the challenges here.

I just won the inaugural Radio Resilience Competition, a software-defined radio competition to create a new physical layer for wireless communications.

I was featured in a profile by SFU Graduate Studies.


Compression for population genetic data through finite-state entropy – current work on a new compressed file format for population-level genetic data in genome-wide association studies – see associated software here

An expanded set of genome-wide association studies of brain imaging phenotypes in the UK Biobank – coauthored and published in Nature Neuroscience – see associated software here

Finding coronavirus-resistant stock portfolios – coauthored and published in Analytics Now

Linking Public Opinion to Direct Action: 2019 Hong Kong Protests at the BC AI Student Showcase

ChemTable – chemistry app on the Google Play store

Weather satellite reception at home with software-defined radio – 2020 western US wildfires from the NOAA POES satellites: animation, gallery; aftermath from Meteor-M N2: burn scars – project notes coming eventually – demodulation and decoding software coming eventually: see demodulator prototype and screenshot


NSERC Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship-Master's (CGS M), Fall 2020

NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award, Summer 2019, Summer 2020

Undergraduate Open Scholarship, Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020

SFU Alumni Scholarship, Spring 2019, Fall 2019

Dean's Academic Excellence Entrance Scholarship – Applied Sciences, Fall 2017

BC Achievement Scholarship, Summer 2017

Hamber Foundation Scholarship, Summer 2017


Research Assistant at SFU Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science, Summer 2019 – present

Vice-President at SFU Computing Science Student Society, Summer 2018 – Spring 2019

High School Summer Technical Student at Hootsuite, Summer 2017


Special Topics in Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning and Statistical Machine Learning – techniques in supervised and unsupervised learning

Special Topics in Theoretical Computing Science: Algorithms of Optimization – solving NP-hard optimization problems by approximation and randomization

Deep Learning – I am currently doing a reading course from the Goodfellow, Bengio, and Courville text and looking into deep reinforcement learning for the popular video game Minecraft, inspired by NeurIPS 2020.


Bloomberg Market Concepts